Tools for Transformation - SoulPath Alchemy Newsletter
I'm excited to welcome you to our SoulPath Alchemy™️ community. We create a safe and sacred space for you to explore your spiritual gifts, connect with like-hearted journeyers and discover new ways to #BeYourSelf!
Thank you for being YOU!
Love & Light,
Elaina Geltner has been called an "energy detective". Her unique ability to sense the vibrational frequency of a situation, challenge or innate abilities enables her to assist empaths, sensitives and LightKeepers to unlock their spiritual gifts and offer them in service to the evolution of humanity. All her life, she has had "unusual" experiences and it's her greatest joy to create a safe and sacred space for opening to Spirit and grounding that in the physical, earth-plane experience. SoulPath Alchemy™ is a system she co-created with Spirit to bring clarity, useful tools and greater joy to the journey of walking the spiritual path with practical feet. We look forward to journeying with you!
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