The HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course™
Calling all Highly Sensitive Empaths!
Imagine having a safe space to explore your unique spiritual path and develop your innate spiritual gifts!

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We get it. Your sensitivity can feel like a liability.
We'll help you turn all those beautiful gifts into assets!

  • Are you feeling a deep, inner call to activate your SoulPath?
  • Would you like a clear connection to your own inner guidance?
  • Are you having more vivid dreams and a stronger intuitive sense?
  • Are you wondering how to channel all this powerful energy to create the life you’ve been dreaming of?

  • Do you want to communicate directly and clearly with your HigherSelf and Spirit Guides?
  • Have you been reading books about spiritual (psychic) gifts and wonder how to find yours?
  • Are you looking for a spiritual support system?
  • Are you ready for a deeper spiritual practice? 

Then you might be a perfect match for this powerful course!

"This is an amazing opportunity. I took this class and it was the best thing I've done for myself this year. So needed especially during these uncertain and challenging times."
~Minette Riordan PhD, Creative Business Coach.

Hi! I’m Elaina Geltner and yep, I'm a Highly Sensitive Empath! It's been quite a journey learning how to navigate in a world that is often too loud, too overwhelming and "doesn't get me". My estimate is that less than 15% of humans have this set of traits. I grew up with “imaginary friends” and knowing things, feeling things that the adults around me didn’t.

As a teenager, I was blessed to find mentors who could see and cultivate my ability to sense what was going on with people and situations. It's been a challenge, a hoot and everything in between. Learning to discern my feelings from others' is a work in process. I've spent a lifetime experimenting, learning, and developing ways to ground myself, clear my energy and know what to do with all this. 

There are days and weeks that I wonder how I'll ever get to fully express what's trying to burst forth from inside. And then when I'm in the flow, creating sacred space for transformation, it's the best feeling ever. One thing I know is that this is a deep, connected and ever-changing path. 

I've been helping people to connect with their SoulPath forever, it seems. I have spent the last 50+ years discovering how to take deep care of myself, manage my own energy, and then use that knowing and those gifts to create the life of my dreams. Grounding all this energy is a daily challenge; so I have lots of tricks up my sleeve. I love teaching people to connect consciously with their gifts and learn to integrate them into their lives. I promise it can be a lot of fun!  And I promise that when it isn't, we've got you!

Is it time to take the next step toward the life you know you were meant to live?

Here’s what’s happened to others who’ve worked with Elaina. 

“This course gave me the tools to live a life that is more centered and more connected…more effective choices about how I live my life.  It is full of practical tools that apply to every area in my life as a teacher, as a parent, as a counselor, as a writer “ ~Lisa Temoshok, Upstate New York

“Thank you so much for working with me today.  I feel so much better in my body. I am very blessed to have you helping me at this time!” ~Lauren Prewitt, D.O., San Luis Obispo, CA

“I find these events inspiring because of Elaina’s clarity and innovative creativity toward her work.  She always provides intuitive stimulation for me to move forward on my own journey.”  ~Barbara Steinberg, Ph.D., Florida (therapist)

“The Sound that Elaina uses really grounds me.  It helps me let go of thoughts and connect with who I am.” Heather Macfarlane, IT Systems Administrator, California

Are you ready to take a giant step forward? 

More from Elaina: “I’m living my SoulPath, and my greatest joy is sharing what I’ve learned so you can live the life of your dreams!! Since I created this course in 1990, it seems to get more relevant every year. I have combined my traditional training in psychology and education with eclectic spiritual practices, art and personal growth training to create this body of work.

My teachers have included Esther Hicks and Abraham (the Law of Attraction), Aleya Dao (Energy and Sound),  Larissa Stow (Chant and Kundalini Yoga), Flora Bowley (Intuitive Art), Shawn Randall and Torah (Inter-Dimensional Connection), and more.”

In the SoulPath Alchemy Course, you will get amazing tools and support to:

  • Nurture and Expand your Inner Guidance.
  • Craft a personal invocation to call in the energies you WANT to work with.
  • Develop your energetic gifts so they are assets in your life
  • Learn to modulate your energy and direct your empathy
  • Discover your unique SoulPath Vibration.
  • Learn grounding tools that will keep you firmly supported
  • Create a spiritual program to support your ongoing growth and evolution.
  • Create a foundation to safely explore inter-dimensional contact with your HigherSelf and SpiritGuides.
  • Bonus: Receive personal guidance in a 1:1 with our Facilitators

Have you already taken our HigherSelf~Spirit Guides Course?
A Special Invitation for You! 

Over the years, we have noticed that more and more people are "re-taking" the HigherSelf courses. What we hear:

  • "Wow! I went so much deeper the second time".
  • "I love how much I've learned; and now my Guides can be even more profound".
  • And from a 3rd-timer: "Clarity. Creativity. Connection. I had no idea it could be this great!" That quote is from Barbara Steinberg who is making her debut as a SoulPath Alchemy Facilitator™ this season! 

We are offering a special Grad price for the Live 2021 Course that is deeply discounted: $290 (that is $270 discount). And it includes the special Bonus: a 30-minute private session with The Spirit of QuietStar and one of our SoulPath Alchemy Facilitators™. Use the code you received via email when when you register to receive your discount. This discount code is good for $270 off option 2 or option 3, and only for the February 24, 2021 course. Note: if you didn't receive the code, you can email Lindsay for registration help.

Option 1
Course Download

Stay tuned...Coming at the end of 2021

Option 2
Live Online Course

Journey with like-hearted folks
6 Live Group Meetings
Guided Meditations

Journalling Prompts
Collage Alchemy™
One personal 1:1 session with Elaina
Private Facebook Community for Support

*Course starts April 6th, 2021 from 4pm-6pm,
Pacific Daylight Time


*Payment plan available

Option 3
1 to 1 Mentoring

Personal guidance
Greatest accountability
All option 2 features plus:
Three extra personal, 1:1 sessions (four total) with Elaina

*Course starts April 6th, 2021 from 4pm-6pm,
Pacific Daylight Time


*Payment plan available

Option 2
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Option 3
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6 Modules
Guided Meditations -downloads you can use to develop a powerful spiritual practice
"LightWork" assignments to integrate concepts into daily life
Membership in the Spirit Whisperer's ClubHouse which includes Connection Calls and more

The HigherSelf Student Facebook Community for you to create the support you need and get your questions answered by our HigherSelf team

Workbook and course materials to download
6 (3) Live Classes (via Zoom) with Elaina
1:1 personal sessions 




How do I participate and get class materials? Upon registration, you will receive instructions to access the student portal and join the Facebook groups. Handouts and recordings of guided meditations will be delivered electronically, via a student portal and email. You will complete assignments, including listening to meditations, for each module. 

LIVE Virtual Course (option 2 & 3): We will have group meetings via Zoom. Your orientation packet will include Zoom access and setup instructions. You will need a fairly fast internet connection to participate in video conferencing.  If your internet connection is spotty, you can join the Zoom sessions via telephone.  All sessions will be recorded. We will all respect the privacy of group members by never sharing the recordings with anyone outside our group. This is a safe space to explore your unique spiritual path and develop your innate spiritual gifts.

The Facebook Group for this course can only be seen and accessed by those that I personally approve. Elaina and her team will moderate the Facebook groups. 

What size are the classes? Who is teaching?  We are currently limiting the Courses to 35 participants to offer you a "boutique" and intimate classrooom experience. These days so many online courses have hundreds or thousands of students; but that isn't who we are! The nature of the skills you are learning and the relationship with the Higher Realms that you are developing requires the focused attention of our Facilitators. Elaina Geltner and Barbara Steinberg are bringing over 85 years of combined experience to your group. There will be facilitated small group breakout sessions, and plenty of opportunity for you get personal feedback and ask questions that are unique to you. We are guided, joined and entertained by the Spirit of QuietStar. They are a group energy of highly evolved guides and teachers whose sole purpose is to assist us in living the life of our dreams. They are co-creators of all things SoulPath Alchemy. 

How much will I learn? I love that question, because it’s all up to you!  How much you put into the course will determine how much you get out.  That also means that the course reaches you wherever you are on your path: if you are ready to take a big leap and put in the work, that’s available to you.  I encourage you to personalize this work and make it yours.

What kind of people do you work with?  I love to work with people who’ve always felt “not quite normal”.  Many people I work with have had “unusual experiences” and see/hear/feel things that others may not. I love to help people develop the gifts they know (sometimes secretly!) that they have. It is my greatest pleasure to guide people to their SoulPath Vibration and help them find the way to best express that here on Earth. Many of my students and clients over the years have come to me because they feel like they want “more” but don’t know what.  Some have mysterious body symptoms with no medical cause.  Many have been described by others as being too sensitive, too powerful or just a little weird. Many have felt a soul calling, and know this is just what they need. If you've been on a spiritual path for years, you will find the alchemy of this course can bring an integration and grounding as you develop your unique talents, abilities and gifts. 

What happens after HigherSelf 1?   Although HigherSelf 1 is a stand-alone course, there are two courses which build on this course: HigherSelf~Spirit Guides 2 and BreakThru to Your Heart’s Desire. HigherSelf~Spirit Guides 2 expands the work of this course, using tools that deepen your ability to receive clear guidance. Your Spirit Guides come to class with you, and you all learn from the exercises and group experiences.  BreakThru to Your Heart's Desire is a 10-12 month mentoring program, designed to propel you toward the Life of Your Dreams. You will learn practical alchemical processes that will assist you in transforming patterns that have kept you stuck, reach out for greater support from Spirit Partners and hone your unique Spiritual Gifts so you can be of service in the Highest Good of All. You Learn good energetic boundaries and get support to express all that you are meant to be. It is multi-dimensional, multi-sensory, and very experiential. Elaina also offers 1 to 1 Mentoring and Coaching. Students who feel a strong calling to share their innate spiritual gifts in the service of personal and planetary evolution find this to be an invaluable activation and training. 

My schedule doesn’t make it easy for me to be in a Live course. Can I still learn SoulPath Alchemy™ ? One day we will be offering a purely downloadable Course option. This will roll out when the stars line up, so we suggest you do what you can to attend the live course.